What is the time commitment for NJ Training Academy course?

The course requires a time commitment of 4-5 hours a week, comprised of videos, reading, and assignments including written activities, software-based activities, and peer-review of other learners’ work.

Each video module is pre-recorded, enabling you to watch it anytime. While you may complete most of the course as quickly as you wish, most learners find it beneficial to adhere to the weekly schedule and participate in the online discussion forum along the way.

The average duration of the course is 2 months to 3 months including practical sessions.

What are the browser or other technical requirements?

Access to our courses requires an Internet connection, as videos are only available via online streaming and cannot be downloaded for offline viewing. Please take note of your company’s restrictions for viewing content and/or firewall settings.

Our courseware works best with current versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari, or with Internet Explorer version 11 and above. For the best possible experience, we recommend switching to an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox.

For instructor sessions,you have to install gototraining plugin.

How do I register for the course?

Simply navigate to the registration page and click the register now button. This will give you access to our free and demo training contents.

Select the course you want to enroll for advanced training. You will be redirected to payment page. Once you complete the payment, you will have complete access to the course you enrolled.

How do I register a group of learners?

We provide exclusive training for groups under our corporate training program. Get in touch with us for more details. < [email protected] >

Can you tell us how you provide training?

NJ provides Instructor Led Live and Self-Paced Video Training and certification programs by industry expert trainer’s using our online learning management system.

We provide three training paths

  1. Instructor-led classroom contact training, for corporate clients.
  2. Online Instructor-led live training
  3. Self-Paced Instructor assisted video training

Our live training sessions are performed in our cloud-based streaming media classrooms accessible via web and mobile browser.

All training materials like videos, notes, slides, assignments are provided through our Learning Management System link in our website for enrolled students.

Once in 3 months, we provide a free technology update webinar to our alumni free of cost, accessible via web browser.

A lifetime technical support for our candidates through online forum even after completion of the course.

Lifetime access to training materials of the course with free updates.

What are the modes of training?

We have two modes of training

  1. Online Web Based Training
    1. Instructor-led fixed duration training
      1. The time duration of the course is fixed depending upon the skill level of the candidate and technology.
    2. Instructor-assisted self-phased duration training
      1. There is no fixed duration to finish the course. Candidates are free to complete the course at their comfort.
    3. Classroom training
      1. Instructor-led fixed duration classroom training (Available only for corporates)

What is the difference between instructor led training and instructor assisted training?

Instructor-led training curriculum follows a strict 5 hrs lectures a week, assisted with 5 hrs of practicals assisted by a tech team. In these types of courses, you will get real-time assistance from our training team.

Your progress is continuously monitored throughout the course. This is a fixed duration course.

Instructor-assisted training curriculum, you utilize prerecorded videos and assignments.  You will be getting only 1 hr counseling session a week from the instructor to clear your doubts. Real-time support is not available, but your queries will be answered through our forum by our technical team within 24-48 hours.

This is also a fixed duration course.

What all things a candidate gets in a self-phased training course.

This course is designed for candidates with a solid foundation in the required foundation technologies. Candidates will get prerecorded video lectures and recorded live sessions. Candidates will get support through our online forum by our technical team.

How can you help me getting a job?

Our placement services support all the candidates we train in placement, regardless of the courses they take.

What are the Technical Requirement for taking the Online Live training?

All our training programs are in English, and therefore, candidates should be comfortable in the English language.

All our training materials are delivered online, therefore candidates need to have a good internet connection. Videos can be downloaded and used offline.

Certain advanced courses require some basic industry and technology experience. Please consult with our course coordinator prior to enrolling.

What internet speed is required to attend the LIVE session?

We recommend at least 1 Mbps connection for live sessions and at least 512 kbps for practical sessions.

What are some of the benefits of taking Online training as compared to Classroom training?

Classroom training is intensive and suitable for candidates who are already working in similar technologies. It’s a compressed form of our 3 months’ course delivered over a week period of time.

Online training, gives you more time to train in the comfort of your home.

Who are the Instructors and what are their qualifications?

As a rule, we only employ trainers who have real-world experience working in the technology stack. Our trainers have at least 5 years of experience of their 15 years career in technology consulting. On top of our regular trainers, candidates also get guest lectures from subject matter experts around the world.

Will I be working on a project?

Yes, you will be working on real-time projects, on world-class infrastructure and latest technologies. Think of it just as another day in office as a professional developer.

What are the payment options?

We accept payments through PayPal through our website. In case you want to make payment to us directly or through any other medium, please contact [email protected]

What are the timings of the training?

For Instructor-led courses, 1 hour every day in the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm CST and 1-hour practical session any time between 7 am CST TO 9 PM CST.

How can I request for Support Session?

For support sessions, you can drop an email to the instructor and schedule the same once in a week.

What if I miss a class?

All our classes are recorded and uploaded in our learning management system. You can watch the session you missed before you go for next session.

How will I get the recorded sessions?

All recorded sessions are available through your registered account, under your enrolled course.

Can I get the recorded sessions of a class from some other batches before attending a next live session?

No, you have to strictly follow the materials of the course you are taking. Different batches have different curriculum and may be confusing for a student.

What if I am not satisfied with the classes?

We make the best effort from our end to make sure that you get the best training from our end. If such a scenario occurs, you can discuss with the instructor and resolve the same.

Can I cancel my enrollment? Do I get refund?

If you are not satisfied with our training, you can get a full refund if you cancel your enrollment within 15 days of the commencement of the course.

How will I get my course completion certificate from NJ Training Academy?

The hard copies will be mailed to you directly. You will also get soft copies and verifiable keys.

How soon after I enroll would get access to the Training Program and Content?

You will get immediate access to the pre requisite contents before commencement of the course. Contents are released in timely fashion as stipulated by the course.

How will I do my practical’s?

All practical sessions are conducted through our live cloud platform. Our Tech team will help you set up a development environment to pursue your practical’s. You should have a working internet connection and PC/Laptop.

How do you help in Third Party Certification?

If you like to pursue a third party certification, you have to contact career guidance team, you will get free assistance from our team for the course you have enrolled.

How can I complete the course in a shorter duration?

You can complete a course in short duration based on our pre-recorded sessions. But the same has to be approved by your instructor.

Where are you located?

We are head quartered in Austin, Texas with offices in London, UK, Sydney, Australia and Cochin, India.

Can I get the trainers Linkedin Profile?

Yes, it will be provided for registered candidates.

What is your Refund Policy?

We have a 15 days, 100 percent refund policy if you are not satisfied with our courses. No fee will be refunded after 15 days of the commencement of the course.

What is your Terms of Service policy?

Our terms of service is governed by the laws of united states, agreed upon by both the company and candidate, signed during the registration in our website.

What is your Privacy Policy?

We do not share your private data with a 3rd party unless and until required by the law. Our placement services need your approval to share your personal details for any job requirement.

What do you provide after training completion?

After successful completion of the course, candidates will get the following services free of cost

  1. Access to course materials and updates for a lifetime
  2. Technical and Job support for a lifetime, through an online forum
  3. Placement assistance for 6 months
  4. Mock interviews
  5. Resume preparation
  6. Career guidance for a lifetime.

Do you provide placements as well?

Yes, we try to place candidates who successfully completed our courses with our preferred clients or in our own projects.

I am only looking for placement because I have already taken the training before from others?

We place only the candidates we train.

Could you help me for proxy interview?

No, we don’t engage in activities that can cause damage to our reputation and trust in the industry. However, we make sure that each of the candidates we train is empowered to taking a high degree of challenging job interviews themselves successfully.

How do you guys help in resume preparation?

Our placement team will help you build up your resume.

I would be interested to get marketed only in few locations?

Please discuss the same with the placement team.

How soon can placements happen?

Our candidates normally start getting interviews within the last 15 days prior ending of the course. A typical 3-month course candidate who successfully completed with A grades should have a job within a month finishing the course.

What is the job guarantee?

We train only in technologies that assures a job and helps you secure a long successful career.

How is the job market and pay?

It depends on the Technology, location, type of clients and subject to the laws of the State.

Why the pay is less in certain states?

Depends on the Technology, location, type of clients and subject to the laws of the State. Tax-free states have traditionally lower pay compared to national average.

What if you are not able to provide placement? Do you refund the Course fees?

Course fee is charged for training we deliver. Placement assistance is provided free of cost. There will not be a refund of fees.

I have experience. Can you help me with placement only? Is enrolling/registering to your training mandatory?

We place only candidates we train.

I have genuine experience. I want to take your training but I don't want you to fake my resume.

We do not encourage any act that can damage our reputation and trust in the market.

Do you charge for “After the training” Process?

No, we don’t charge for after the training process.

Do you place TN (Mexican & Canadians) Visa Holders?

We can place any candidates provided they have successfully completed our training and have valid work authorization.

Will you do H1B Transfer?

We are not providing H1B Transfer, but we can help you finding a client willing to do an H1B transfer.

How many layers/Sub-vendors will be there if I get placed?

We place our candidates full time with the client. In case those options are unavailable due to various reasons, we prefer the candidate is employed in at least tier1 or tier 2 vendors with reasonable pay.

Will I get on the job support?

Yes you will get job support through our forums.

How much do you charge for H1B filing?

We don’t do h1b filing. Neither we encourage anyone to pay for H1B. It is illegal as per the laws of the United States.

I have some years of experience in India and some more years of experience in USA. My work experience, which I had in India, would be considered in USA?

Yes, your work experience will be considered in US, provided it is in the relevant technical area you are trying for job.

How soon can you help for placement?

We start placement assistance towards the last two weeks of completion of the course.

Can I pay after placement? IF no Why?

All course fees have to be paid at the time of enrollment. It really cost a lot to provide quality training.

How successful are you in placements?

We have a near perfect placement performance for all the candidates we train.

How many direct clients do you have?

We have direct clients and same will be disclosed to you by the placement team on signing non-disclosure agreement.

May I know your sister concern company names?

Our parent company is NJ Consulting and Technology Services, Austin, TX.

Our software development division are NJ Labs USA and NJ Labs UK and NJ Labs Australia.

Phone: 512-539-0390
NJ Training Academy Inc , 405 Dry Gulch Bend
Cedar Park, Texas, 78613